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This Clerk's Information System (CIS) is the property of the State Corporation Commission (SCC) of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Only persons authorized by the SCC are permitted to access and use the CIS.

Authorized uses of the CIS include:
File or submit business entity documents for new and existing businesses
Pay business entity annual registration fees and other fees & penalties
Reinstate the existence of business entities
File Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) and federal lien documents
Serve process on the Clerk as statutory agent

The SCC monitors the use of the CIS to ensure proper functioning of the system and to provide security
for the system's operation. Such monitoring may include but is not limited to: network traffic, application
and data access, user commands, and data content.

Unauthorized use, misuse, or abuse of the CIS or the information contained in the CIS will result in loss of
authorized access, potential civil penalties or sanctions, and the reporting of evidence of such actions to federal,
state and local law enforcement for investigation and prosecution.

By proceeding with the login process or by creating an account to use the CIS, you acknowledge and
agree to these Terms and Conditions of Use.

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